Science Diplomacy with China presentation at COST

12. Jul 2023

Science Diplomacy Collaboration with China – ReConnectChina represented at COST Workshop

In the framework of a science diplomacy workshop organised by the COST Association for new COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Actions on 28 June 2023, ZSI researcher Gábor Szüdi had the chance to present the co-operation risks and potentials with China (as an example of a ‘non-like-minded country’) within collaborative R&I projects, using the tools of science diplomacy.

The presentation highlighted the differences between the EU and Chinese interpretation of STI co-operation and science diplomacy, drawing also on national examples, explaining the inherent tensions that might be successfully mitigated by the ongoing work in ReConnectChina.
The workshop therefore served also as an excellent opportunity to introduce high-level researchers from all around Europe (principal investigators of COST Actions in manifold thematic areas) the thematic foci and strategic priorities of ReConnect China.

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