POLICY ANSWERS: Policy Dialogue on Aligning priorities in the Western Balkans

10. Jul 2023

Mark on your calendars the upcoming Conference, on 13 September 2023, in the city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Be part of the journey towards envisioning the future for the Western Balkans, where aligning priorities with EU standards sets the stage for sustainable growth and development!

This key event will delve into crucial aspects of policy making, stakeholder engagement, and policy implementation while focusing on the alignment of priorities in the Western Balkans, with a specific look at the transformative topics of Digital Transformation, Green Deal, and Healthy Societies, thus offering a unique opportunity to discuss digital, green and health aspects for the Western Balkans at once.

Conference Objectives

A key objective of the POLICY ANSWERS project is to bridge the gap between national/regional priorities and EU priorities while supporting the integration of the WB into relevant EU initiatives and platforms. These include European Partnerships, Missions, and Smart Specialisation platforms, all contributing to shaping a digital, green, and healthy future for the WB. The “Policy Dialogue on Aligning Priorities in the Western Balkans" Conference will thus convene esteemed government representatives alongside other relevant stakeholders, European Commission representatives and external experts. Together, we will assess the present situation in the region and initiate productive discussions on future priorities, including a vision towards 2030.

Why you should attend

This event presents an invaluable opportunity for professionals to participate in constructive and forward-looking dialogues. It is an occasion to propose effective solutions and instruments that align WB priorities with those of the EU, ultimately promoting greener, more digitally advanced, and resilient economies and healthier societies. By adopting a collaborative approach that focuses on long-term goals, the conference has the potential to yield positive outcomes and deliver mutual benefits for all participants.

Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to actively shape the Western Balkans Agenda, influence the region's trajectory, and pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future. Your presence and input are invaluable in creating a positive impact and driving the desired changes!

Overview of the Programme

Following the opening, the policy dialogue will consist of three sessions to delve into EU initiatives and opportunities for the WB region.

  • Session 1, a comprehensive plenary, will offer insights into the WB region and its progress in implementing a Digital and Green Agenda, as well as a Health Policy to enhance the well-being of its citizens and foster sustainable economies. The session will showcase exemplary practices from each WB economy that can serve as models for the entire region. The initial findings will serve as a foundation for the subsequent session.
  • Session 2 will adopt a parallel format for each thematic area (Digital, Green, and Health) and concentrate on the associated challenges. It will facilitate interactive discussions, allowing all participants to actively engage and share their perspectives on the factual findings and challenges presented. This will also involve collaborations with European Partnerships, Missions, and S3 platforms. The first two sessions will lay the groundwork for the third session, focusing on proposing solutions.
  • Session 3 will follow a similar parallel format, aiming to foster discussions among key WB and EU stakeholders. The objective of this session is to identify practical solutions and effective strategies for overcoming challenges and promoting the adoption of best practices in the region.

In the Concluding Session, held as a plenary, regional experts will have the opportunity to reflect on the main takeaways and recommendations that emerged from the three sessions. Strategies will be devised to address the challenges faced within each thematic area.

Anticipated Outcomes

The Conference aims at making valuable contributions to the Western Balkans Agenda by convening experts and stakeholders from diverse domains. It will act as a catalyst for generating innovative ideas and initiating a dynamic EU-WB Policy Dialogue Stakeholder Platform. The event will provide an impetus for developing a roadmap for a sustainable transition that encompasses both green and digital aspects, as well as emerging trends in healthcare.

Participation and Registration

The Conference is open to various relevant actors, including:

  • Policy makers
  • Government officials from the Western Balkans
  • Regional and thematic experts
  • Representatives from the EC and other relevant EU institutions and initiatives such as European Partnerships, JRC, etc.
  • Representatives from regional networks and organisations

To participate, visit the conference website at The website serves as a platform for registration and will provide updates regarding the event.

In addition, the Conference will introduce a dedicated community platform accessible from now until the POLICY ANSWERS project concludes in 2026. Its purpose is to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster interactions among regional stakeholders involved in the three thematic areas.

The event will take place at GreenPark Space, which offers a sustainable and eco-friendly venue. You can find more information about GreenPark Space at

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