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... on Education and Training & Research and Innovation. February 2023 in Skopje
A seminar organised by the UNTRAD Presidency of the European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance
WBC-RRI.NET open dialogue and working group meeting in Podgorica
ZSI co-organises a session "New Opportunities for Adressing Societal Needs with Citizen Science"
Reflecting on 3 years of participatory research
Discuss with us PV panel recycling at the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) in Brussels 26-30 Sep. 2022
Second hybrid project event of WBC-RRI.NET in Banja Luka
Social Innovation Policy: Concepts, Methods and Policy Practices
Call for Papers for the Early Career Research Conference, 21-23 September, Dortmund/Germany
2nd PROFEEDBACK Conference to be held in Maribor, Slovenia
BESTPRAC Thematic Group of EARMA Meeting in Serbia
WBC-RRI.NET project organising an online session
A call for abstract has just been launched!
R&I POLICY making, implementation ANd Support in the WEsteRn
Hybrid meeting on RRI and in particular ethics
Global perspectives on emerging movements in science and diplomacy with a special focus on Open Science.
ZSI provides fourth training for Citizen Science Initiatives in the StepChange project
Regional Cooperation Council invites ZSI to present new project
ZSI provides third training for Citizen Science Initiatives in the StepChange project
The EU as a new global actor and the role of civil society
Join the IntelComp project and others discussing cloud computing, big data and AI contributing to public policy making
2. Dez 2021
Diplomacy on Stage
Conference on the occasion of the 20th work Anniversary of the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade
ZSI provides second training for Citizen Science Initiatives in the StepChange project
Die AK OÖ diskutiert arbeitsmarkt- und sozialpolitisch sinnvolle Vorschläge zur Reform der Arbeitslosenversicherung
COVID-19 Studien bei AUSSDA mit ZSI-Beteiligung
European Future Forum of the European Youth Parliament Austria on the role of science for the EU
ZSI experts discuss engaging and trustworthy science communication
ZSI provides first training for Citizen Science Initiatives in the StepChange project
ZSI organises a Conference Track at the 1st Global Transdisciplinarity Conference
21. September 2021 - 21. Okt 2021
Science Diplomacy Training for COST researchers
2 day training event under the umbrella of the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance
... : Fulfilling the Horizon Europe requirements and beyond!" organised by the WBC-RRI.NET project
Challenges and results of a participatory project aiming at the development of age friendly communities
Workshop at the Citizen Science Association Conference
Opening event of the IntelComp project
European Youth Parliament Austria event on EU's relations with China
25. Mär 2021
Critical Making Workshop
Interactive Workshop
Addressing Global Challenges Together: the Role of Science Diplomacy
Forschungsdatenmanagement in den Sozialwissenschaften
Towards more participatory approaches in evaluation of Citizen Science
An S4D4C and Union for the Mediterranean Joint Event
Updated European Social Progress Index presented by DG REGIO
Discussing about science diplomacy at the Australia & New Zealand Edition of #ERD2020
ZSI presents on the push for more gender equality in Horizon Europe
Addressing global challenges together: science diplomacy as a strategic approach
Präsentation des BMBWF zweier Mappings der Forschungsinfrastrukturen der Digital Humanities in Österreich
Knowledge for Change: A decade of Citizen Science (2020-2030) in support of the SDGs
A virtual peer learning event to discuss the EU-Social Progress Index in relation to issues of ageing societies
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