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... The bumpy roads to recognition of participatory approaches in the social sciences, and lessons for citizen science
Barbara Kieslinger and Katharina Koller present first results from the GREAT project at the ECSA 2024
With citizen science, we can do it together
Impact Assessment in Citizen Science
ECSA24 pre-conference event
Save the date: 7. March Training on co-creation in bioeconomy
Opportunities and risks for academic exchange
An online event for Western Balkans on 27 February 10.00 CET
Ursula Holtgrewe vom ZSI präsentiert die Fallstudie „Distance Learning“.
Final WBC-RRI.NET project meeting
... for the Western Balkans
An initiative of the WBC-RRI.NET project and its working groups
ZSI organizes the fourth mutual learning event for Citizen Science Initiatives in the StepChange project
Organised by the Spanish Presidency of the European Council together with the European Commission
29 - 30 Nov 2023
Forum Citizen Science 2023
Mit Vielfalt Wissen schaffen
Sharing experiences of the BEYOND, ROSiE, VERITY, WBC-RRI.NET projects
Reconnect with or disconnect from China in the future?
Registrations and a call for contributions are now open!
Insights from the GREAT project: discussing the pilot of GREAT’s participatory approach to game-based research.
Open Dialogue and Mutual Learning of the WBC-RRI.NET project - with POLICY ANSWERS presentation
Interested in improving the gender equality plans? This event is for you!
2023 UN Science Summit event co-organised by ZSI at ACF New York
Our science diplomacy event at the UNGA78 Science Summit in New York.
POLICY ANSWERS Conference in Sarajevo, 13 September 2023
From a fringe activity to a core activity?
Presenting the NEVERMORE project at the 9th international Degrowth Conference
Abschlusspräsentation im MQ Wien
WBC-RRI.NET event in Ohrid, North Macedonia
20. Jun 2023
Bessere Rahmenbedingungen gewünscht!
ZSI sharing expertise on citizen engagement
POLICY ANSWERS is among the Flagship projects presented at the event
Evaluation of environmental and energy economics and evaluation of territorial development
Wie haben sich die letzten 5 Jahre in Wien in Bezug auf Gleichstellung entwickelt?
Digital Society: DigiTalk Serie
Was soll der Klimarechnungshof prüfen?
WBC-RRI.NET plans an event in Banja Luka for participants to meet and exchange knowledge
StepChange and other ZSI projects presented
Stefan Philipp (ZSI) zeigt, was möglich ist
Part of the European Commission’s Multilateral Dialogue on Values and Principles for Research and Innovation
Research and Innovation / Education and Training
Foresight event taking place in Podgorica, Montenegro
ZSI participates as a new member of the ENRICH GLOBAL network
Side event to the MCAA Annual Conference, Cordoba, Spain
ZSI presents results and insights from the Climatubers project
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