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Study on the Uptake of the European Programmes in the CEEPUS Cooperation Area was presented
Virtual meeting bringing together the social innovation community - first edition
11. Jun 2019
EaP PLUS final event
The EaP PLUS final event takes place in Brussels on June 11
Katja Mayer will speak about aspects of Ethics & Society in Machine Learning practices
5 - 7 Jun 2019
Eu-SPRI 2019
STI Policies for Sustainable Development Goals. Actors, Instruments and Evaluation
29. Mai 2019
ZSI am Workshop zur Erhebung der Potentiale österreichischer FTI-Akteure für die Entwicklung des FFG Portfolios.
S4D4C raising discusses science-policy interfaces with French researchers
Reflecting on ESASTAP's Past and Future
Bioeconomy has strong potentials to support climate innovation and to offer solutions for the problems of cities.
To help build new links and strengthen existing ones between regional initiatives and the DR innovation systems
A new generation of research and innovation policy towards societal impact
28. Mär 2019
Open Research Analytics
Workshop on international developments
Technical R&I meeting of the Western Balkans Steering Platform on Research and Innovation
Nationales Follow-Up zur Konferenz "Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda"
Beyond or Despite Political Borders: Science Diplomacy and the Construction of Europe
Measuring what matters: European Social Progress Index
Fostering Research and Innovation in Ukraine
EU Networking Event
EU Science Diplomacy beyond 2020
Presenting results of the AMIF-funded project
ZSI participates at the international event focusing on digital transformation of society and industry
New opportunities for research and innovation in the EU and the US
Austrian EU Council Presidency on the valuation of SSH in mission-oriented research
Made in Danube event for SMEs, R&D institutions and academia in Nitra, Slovakia.
PSF Mutual Learning Exercise Open Science
The event is organised in Budapest on 20th November and focuses on wood and biofuels sectors.
The Social Innovation Community celebrates achievements and looks forward to a socially innovative future for Europe
An event organised within the Made in Danube project to support synergies in the bioeconomy field on 2 November 2018
Competitiveness and Innovation for transnational collaboration in the Danube Region’s bio-economy field
Bringing together the research infrastructure community in the Danube Region
With input from the EC’s Service Facility for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation
'How to write a successful proposal in Horizon 2020?' will be discussed with Ukrainian stakeholders
Excellence in Research, Social and Technological Innovation (ReSTI) Pilot Curriculum & Training Kick-off
Final meeting of the #euSMARTmap project strengthening the ecosystem of RRI in industrial innovation
Eine Veranstaltung der GFF am 26.September um 18:30
Impact investing in the Danube Region
Competitiveness and Innovation for long-lasting transnational collaboration in the Danube Region’s bio-economy field
24 - 27 Sep 2018
Social Innovation Ecosystems
Social Innovation Ecosystems
ZSI experts involved in the training activities by the European Commission
Three EU-funded projects present at the SciDip2018 conference in the US - one of them is coordinated by ZSI
Preview the KNOWMAK visualisation tool
Interregional meeting on social entrepreneurship in Edinburgh
Kick-Off Event der Social Innovation Academy
4.300 researchers and R&I policy makers meet in Toulouse, ZSI also participates!
Regional and Local Challenges in Social Innovation
Regional and Local Challenges in Social Innovation
Roundtable von viel.anthropie mit Anja Böllhof und Ulrike Reichart am ZSI
The Made in Danube Consortium is inviting you to join its event on 24th April 2018 in Budapest, Hungary!
ZSI expertise brought to the third country visit – improving networking
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