Dr. Alexander Degelsegger-Márquez

Section: Research Policy & Development

Function: Senior Advisor



Running and completed projects:

Work and research focus:

innovation policy, international cooperation in science & technology, scientometrics, visualisation, sociology of innovation, STS, foresight, internationalisation of S&T, S&T and development, Southeast Asia, India, technology assessment, political science

Other Publications:

Degelsegger-Márquez, Alexander / Remøe, Svent Otto / Trienes, Rudie (2018): Regional knowledge economies and global innovation networks – the case of Southeast Asia, in: Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management, 9(1),

Degelsegger-Márquez, Alexander (2017): ASEAN-India Collaboration in Science & Technology: Evidence and Prospects, in: Diplomatist. Special Report 'India-ASEAN@50. Possibilities Unlimited', Noida/Jakarta: LB Associates/Indian Mission to ASEAN, pp. 33-35.

Leitner, Karl-Heinz / Degelsegger, Alexander / Hochgerner, Josef / Lampert, Dietmar / Schuch, Klaus et al. (2015): Stärkefelder im Innovationssystem: Wissenschaftliche Profilbildung und wirtschaftliche Synergien, AIT-IS-Report 103, Wien.

Degelsegger, Alexander / Remoe, Svend Otto / Trienes, Rudie (2014): Spotlight on: Stimulating Innovation in Southeast Asia, Bonn/Vienna: SEA-EU-NET.

Schuch, Klaus / Wagner, Isabella / Degelsegger, Alexander (2014): Bibliometric Case Studies as a Complementary Method for S&T Programme Evaluations, in: fteval Journal, 40, 27-34.

Blasy, Cosima / Degelsegger Alexander (2013): Mediating different Stakeholder Levels in an "International Cooperation Foresight" Process, EFP brief no. 250, in: European Foresight Platform.

Degelsegger, Alexander / Kesselring, Alexander (2012): Do Non-humans Make a Difference? The Actor-Network-Theory and the Social Innovation Paradigm, in: Franz, Hans-Werner / Hochgerner, Josef / Howaldt, Jürgen (eds.): Challenge Social Innovation. Potentials for Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Welfare and Civil Society, Heidelberg: Springer.

Ul-Hassan, Saeed / Haddawy, Peter / Kuinkel, Pratikshya / Degelsegger, Alexander / Blasy, Cosima (2012): A bibliometric study of research activity in ASEAN related to the EU in FP7 priority areas, in: Scientometrics, 91(3), 1035-1051.

Degelsegger, Alexander / Kesselring, Alexander (2012): Innovation from the Outside in: How Relating the Concepts of "Actor-Network" and "Lifeworld" Can Help Us to Better Describe Innovation Processes, in: Loudín, Jirí / Hochgerner, Josef (eds.): Social and Cultural Dimensions of Innovation in Knowledge Societies, Prague: Filosofia.

Degelsegger, Alexander / Blasy, Cosima (eds.) (2011): Spotlight on: Science and Technology Cooperation Between Southeast Asia and Europe. Analyses and Recommendations from the SEA-EU-NET Project, Vienna: SEA-EU-NET.

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Degelsegger, Alexander / Gruber, Florian (2011): Scientific cooperation between Southeast Asia and Europe in 2020. Driving factors as assessed by scientists and policy-makers, in: Degelsegger, Alexander / Blasy, Cosima (eds.): Spotlight on: Science and Technology Cooperation Between Southeast Asia and Europe, Vienna: SEA-EU-NET, 65-97.

Blasy, Cosima / Degelsegger, Alexander / Lampert, Dietmar / Simon, Johannes / Wagner, Isabella (2011): The New INDIGO Project. Bringing Europe and India closer, in: Biotech News (Newsletter of the Department of Biotechnology of India), 6(3), 65-72.

Degelsegger, Alexander / Torgersen, Helge (2011): Participatory paternalism: citizens' conferences in Austrian technology governance, in: Science and Public Policy, 38(5), 391-402.

Degelsegger, Alexander / Torgersen, Helge (2010): Instructions for being unhappy with pTA – The impact on pTA of Austrian technology policy experts´ conceptualisation of the public. ITA-manu:script 10_02 (Dec 2010), Wien: Institut für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung (ITA).

Gruber, Florian / Degelsegger, Alexander (2010): S&T Cooperation Foresight Europe – Southeast Asia, in: Форсайт (Foresight), 4(3), 56-68.

Degelsegger, Alexander / Gruber, Florian (2010): Regional Perspectives on S&T Cooperation between Southeast Asia and Europe, in: Trienes, Rudie / Gruber, Florian: Policy recommendations for enhancing Science and Technology cooperation between the European Union and Southeast Asia, SEA-EU-NET: Dreistetten.

Gruber, Florian / Degelsegger, Alexander (2009): Spotlight on: Excellent Researchers from Southeast Asia. Results of a SEA-EU-NET Mapping Study, SEA-EU-NET: Vienna.

Degelsegger, Alexander (2008): "Frames" in sozialwissenschaftlichen Theorieansätzen - Ein Vergleich aus der Perspektive der Technikforschung. ITA-Manu:script 01_08 (May 2008), Wien: Institute für Technikfolgenabschätzung (ITA).

Degelsegger, Alexander (2008): On the Social Relevance of Technology Perception - the Potential of New Technologies for Development as conceived by UNIDO, UNCTAD, and EU. Diplomarbeit, Universität Wien.

Participation at events:

Education and career:

  • PhD in Political Science with a focus on Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna
  • studies (Masters degrees) in Political Science and International Development at the Universities of Vienna and Granada/Spain.
  • Member of the International Monitoring Group of Experts for the ASEAN Policy Framework for Public-Private Partnerships for Technology Development and Innovation
  • S&T Key Expert in the Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (READI)
  • Visiting scientist at the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI), Thailand
  • Junior Associate Scientist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)
  • University lecturer in technology transfer and social innovation at the Danube University Krems and TU Vienna
  • Lecturer in social network analysis at the SOQUA postgraduate training course

Short CV:

Alexander DEGELSEGGER is a senior advisor to the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna/Austria. Alexander is an expert on international science and technology (S&T) policy, innovation policy, programme design and evaluation. A social scientist by training, he holds degrees in political science and development studies as well as a Dr. phil. from the University of Vienna in the field of Science and Technology Studies. His dissertation focused on the topic of research collaboration in synthetic biology.

Alexander started his career at the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Technology Assessment. He joined ZSI in 2008 where his work initially focused on international science cooperation and research policy with a regional focus on South and Southeast Asia. From 2008 to 2017, he was leading the two SEA-EU-NET projects' analysis work. From 2011 to 2015, he also was the Science & Technology key expert in the EuropeAid-funded Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (READI) and consulted OECD and GIZ on their activities in the region. In 2017, Alexander developed one of the EU Horizon 2020-funded research projects on science diplomacy (, which he coordinated throughout the year 2018 and which he is now advising. 

During his time at ZSI, Alexander also developed and led projects on the analysis, evaluation and implementation of international research and innovation cooperation, including programme evaluations for agencies like FWF or ADA. Since 2014, Alexander was Deputy Head and then, from March 2018 until beginning of 2019, Head of ZSI's Research Policy & Development department.

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