Magª. Berenike Ecker, M.E.S. MSc

Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

Function: Project Manager


  • Phone: ++43-1-495 04 42 / 38
  • Fax: ++43-1-495 04 42 / 40
  • Email:

Running and completed projects:

Work and research focus:

Labour market policy, EU-Cohesion policy, Regional development, Scientific comprehension and definition of social innovation


Participation at events:

Education and career:

Study of Theoretical and Applied Geography at the University of Vienna
Study of European Studies at the University of Vienna (post-graduate)
Study of Supervision and Coaching at the University of Vienna (post-graduate)

Working at ZSI since 2010. 
Previously working as co-ordinator for the "Regional Management in Austria" (2007-2009), as well as research co-ordinator for the "University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna" (2009-2010).

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