The Role of Smart Specialisation in the EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policies

Section: Research Policy & Development

The report explores the conditions under which the S3 model can be applied in the EU enlargement and neighbourhood (E&N) countries. The analysis examines R&I developments in 11 E&N countries. Within the EU Enlargement framework we discuss developments in 5 Western Balkan countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina. In the context of the EU Neighbourhood policy we explore conditions for R&I in the Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The section on Eastern Partnership countries was drafted by ZSI collaborator Manfred Spiesberger. 

The report provides an evaluation of the R&I policies with regard to S3. Consequently the main gaps that might hinder successful implementation of S3 initiatives in the E&N countries have been identified. The authors suggest considering some essential pre-conditions for initiation of sustainable S3 processes such as achieving political consensus and commitment to launch the process; to establish sufficient R&I governance and coordination capacities and to build analytical and policy implementation capabilities.


Reference: Slavo Radosevic, Manfred Spiesberger, Lina Stanionyte, Ales Gnamus, Igor Yegorov, Sasho Josimovski (2017), Danube-INCO.NET Deliverable 5.29

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Authors: Spiesberger, M.


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Tags: Eastern Partnership countries, innovation systems analysis, regional development, smart specialisation

Category: Online

Publication Date: 2017

Procurement: Online (download)