Social Innovation in Europe. The Concept and its Emergence

Opening Keynote to the SOQUA Summer School

Section: Management including Cross-Project Activities

9 July 2012


SOQUA Summer School 2012 on Social Innovation

Documentation of lectures, workshops, video, photo-gallery and evaluation by particpants
Documentation Summer School


Social innovation in Europe and Beyond. The Concept, potential and international trends

Vienna, July 9 - 13, 2012

The Summer School on social innovation is labelled >SOQUA Summer School< because it is an extension of a post-graduate course programme named “Sozialwissenschaftliche Berufsqualifizierung” (social science vocational training, in short “SOQUA”: that is run in Austria jointly by three social science institutes (FORBA, SORA, ZSI) since 2006. Besides the 2-year course programme in 2010 a first SOQUA Summer School was carried out on “Evidence Based Policy Making and Social Impact Assessment”, initiated and executed by SORA. In 2012 ZSI took the lead to implement for the second time a summer school rooted in SOQUA, this time on social innovation.

Authors: Hochgerner (external Senior Strategic Advisor), J.

Result of this Event: Review SOQUA Summer School 2012 on Social Innovation


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