Moldova: research and innovation system analysis

An analytical country report by Manfred Spiesberger & Gheorghe Cuciureanu

Section: Research Policy & Development

An analytical country report on the research and innovation system of Moldova was published at the European Commission's ERAWATCH website. The report was drafted by ZSI collaborator Manfred Spiesberger together with the Moldovan expert Gheorghe Cuciureanu. The Moldovan S&T system is in general not well known. This publication comes therefore in the right time, as the Republic of Moldova will be associated to the EU's 7th Framework Programme for RTD as of 1 January 2012. Find the report as well as an online S&T country fiche at the following websites:

Authors: Spiesberger, M.

Tags: internationalisation

Category: Online

Publication Date: 2011

Procurement: Online (download)