Cooperation Partners

Dense Fluid Degreasing (France)

Dense Fluid Degreasing, equipment manufacturer and designer of custom-made machines for cleaning and decontamination of industrial and textile parts.

Dense Fluid Degreasing, designs and manufactures “press-button” machines for cleaning, degreasing, de-crosslinking and decontaminating all types of metal and/or polymeric supports, including textiles. This cleaning technology is a real alternative to organic solvents such as trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene and dichloromethane. It is also an effective alternative to hydrocarbon or modified alcohol based solvents called “A3”. Supercritical CO2 replaces aqueous-based solutions (water + detergents). This innovative and cost-effective cleaning and decontamination technology has already proven itself in the medical device, textile, recycling and mechanical industries. This environmentally friendly process is particularly well suited to the cleaning and decontamination of implantable or reusable medical devices.

Website: https://www.dense-fluid-degrea ...