EU Commissioner László Andor visiting ZSI

27. Jun. 2011

Prominent vist: Commissioner Andor and his Head of Cabinet, Anabela Gago, at ZSI

2_Editoriales.jpgby Josef Hochgerner

Commissioner of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Mr. László Andor, came to ZSI premises on June 20th, 2011, to talk about social innovation, the relevance of the concept and specific projects pertaining to his areas of competency. A presentation of the ZSI approach to social innovation was followed by an exchange of experiences and refelxions on the potential to advance capacities of DG EMPL and the ESF (European Social Fund) by social innovation. In the course of this discussion, Commissioner Andor made clear his outmost priorities, namely to combat poverty and youth unemployment besides inclusion of ethnic minorities, whereby respective projects need to take account of the wide array of differences across European regions and Member States.


Tags: employment, inclusion, social innovation