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Innovative communication designs & trainings

Innovative communication designs & trainings

The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) provides his clients with a profound expertise on the development of communication designs for international projects. This includes activities and instruments like the set up of virtual platforms, tailor-made science communication strategies, public relation, the campaigning with traditional and social media, the creation of diverse formats of events, and the visualisation of data. Moreover the ZSI offers specific trainings on communication and management within international projects.

Apart of its longstanding expertise in the field of management and communication trainings for social scientists, ZSI offers conceptualisation and implementation of innovative communication designs for international research projects. This includes the visualisation of analytical results, the campaigning with traditional and social media, the organisation of events, and setup of virtual platforms for communicating scientific activities, as well as integrative and tailor-made tools for internal project communication in international environments.

Among others, ZSI's portfolio includes

  • Trainings on communication and management within international projects, see for example Soqua Summer School
  • Conceptualization and technical set up of virtual platforms, webspaces, and tools, see for example VERA, Forward Visions on the European Research Area
  • Development and implementation of internal and external communication strategies, including analysis of user profiles, identification of target groups, development of communication goals, and measurable success indicators
  • Development and implementation of workshops, events, and campaigns in the field of social innovation and science communication. We are setting our focus on participatory methods, and are conceptualizing tailor-made, innovative communication designs.  See for example social design week, Nanochannels, New Indigo Cooperation/Stories
  • Visualisation of analytical results and different data sets, particularly bibliometric findings (see for example SEA-EU-NET's bibliometric analysis)

If you are interested in our competences in Innovative communication designs and trainings, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Contact person: Magª (FH) Isabella Wagner, MA

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