Societal Challenges

ZSI research and coordination projects often address societal challenges: environmental issues, sustainability, energy efficiency, climate change, active ageing and demography, etc.

In this respect, we address the issues of societal change and social innovation necessary to come up with solutions for the challenges of the 21st century. We involve different user groups in the development of strategies to bring about change, and work in international research policy networks in order to link researchers and innovators from different regions of the world.

The competences of ZSI in terms of social innovation, network management, science communication, strategy building, and foresight, for example, can be applied in several fields, and therefore ZSI is involved in projects not only in the "classical" fields of social sciences. In terms of FP7/Horizon 2020 challenges/programmes, we have been involved in projects tackling nano-technology (e.g. SEEING NANO, NANOPINION), environment (e.g. SUSTAIN, DANCERS), research to innovation in the energy field (e.g. ENER2I), etc.

ZSI is also founding member of the Climate Change Center Austria (CCCA).

Ansprechperson: Dr. Christian Voigt

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