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Training & Learning Methods

Training & Learning Methods

The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) and its staff are increasingly involved in the design and implementation of a broad variety of academic and vocational education activities. These consist of e.g. SOQUA, a post-graduate course for international social-scientific research based in Vienna.  Also with this is the worldwide first Master of Arts in Social Innovation in cooperation with the Danube University Krems, as well as a wide range of online, blended learning and attendance teaching that tackles different questions of innovation. All these activities are part of the “ZSI Research-Application Slalom”, a methodical modus operandi of ZSI.

Innovation including social innovation is a key element of today’s societies and economies. Effective trainings and learning methods should focus on the question of how a teaching design can generate a powerful learning environment that enables students to thrive in the 21st century. The ZSI focuses on effectiveness adapted to the needs of specific target groups, and offers experience with innovative didactic methods and curriculum content, multimedia materials, and learning platforms.

The ZSI Research-Application Slalom
Research creates new knowledge, but education diffuses and consolidates knowledge; and it is through consulting and networking that knowledge is practically applied. This value creation chain characterises the modus operandi of ZSI, which connects science and praxis through the fulfilment of various functions in the context of knowledge implementation, knowledge generation, and knowledge diffusion.

Experienced team
ZSI team members are engaged in a wide variety of innovative, high-impact educational experiences:

  • 30% of ZSI researchers teach at universities, universities of applied sciences, and in other educational organisations
  • ZSI’s researchers give at average more than 2.5 academic presentations per year with a very high international outreach
  • ZSI (co-)organised at annual average more than 70 professional events during the last five years

Some of our long-lasting reference projects
The long history in planning and implementation of training, vocational education and academic courses includes several key projects, such as:

  • Launching of the first academic online training course in Austria on ‘Energy Management and Energy Consulting’ (EMEC, 1998ff.)
  • Implementation of the postgraduate course SOQUA for the fifth time (SOcial sciences vocational QUAlification for international research), under which around 40 - mostly younger - social scientists are trained in a biennial course, which is supported by the Austrian Science Ministry and organised by ZSI in cooperation with the Austrian institutes FORBA and SORA
  • Design and implementation of the ‘Master of Arts in Social Innovation,’ in collaboration with the Danube University Krems
  • Initiation and implementation of the ‘European School of Social innovation’
  • e-learning and technology-enhanced learning encompassing training of online tutors to lead cooperation in networks of excellence (6th and 7th RP)
  • Organisation and participation in several summer schools in Austria, the EU, Ukraine, and Mexico
  • Qualification measures on social inclusion in the context of the coordination of the territorial employment pacts, and the LEED programme (local economic and employment development) of the OECD
  • Trainings for socially disadvantaged groups (early school leavers, people with disabilities, …)
  • Trainings for professionals in different areas of social innovation like ethnic economies or workplace innovation

If you are interested in our competences on training or learning methods, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Ansprechperson: Mag. Dr. Klaus Schuch

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